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Diversity Policy

Overview of Population Served

KEET provides programming and services to the northwestern coast of California. The approximate population of the area served is 59,000 television households. According to the latest available census data, the viewing area is composed of 76% Caucasians, 14% Hispanic, 7% Native Americans and 3% Asian.

Diversity Goals and Objectives

KEET's primary goal is to strive for maximum diversity in the overall operation, programming and activities of the licensee.

KEET Board of Directors and Staff
  • The Board of Directors shall strive to recruit members that are reflective of the diverse population being served by the licensee.
  • As an Equal Opportunity Employer, the senior management team shall strive to recruit candidates to establish a diverse workforce reflective of our area.
  • No candidate for employment shall be discriminated against due to the basis of their race, national origin, religion, sex, age, disability, marital status, or any other status or condition.
  • As vacancies occur, the management team will reach out to minority audiences through area job fairs, the State of California Job Market and the local institutions of higher education.
  • KEET will strive to create and maintain a culture of inclusion, open-mindedness and fairness in all of its operations.
KEET Community Advisory Board (CAB)

The CAB shall provide feedback and general advice to the station as it relates to overall service to the region. By reviewing potential programs and station initiatives, the committee serves as a major connection between the station and the communities being served. The station will broadcast a message on its primary television channel on a regular basis encouraging participation in the CAB. The goal of this process will be to create a CAB that reflects the makeup of the viewing area.

KEET's Programming

The station shall seek to offer diverse cultural programming that meets the expectations of the population it serves.